Discover. Play. Get inspired.

Welcome to the Innovation Showcase, an “art-gallery” style exhibition in which we display twelve games that we consider innovative. In hope to inspire you to come up with great games ideas, we invite you to come and play these select games for Web and iOS platform at the Innovation Showcase.

Location and hours

Innovation Showcase will take place in Foyer Hall G, accessible on February 12-14 from 9am until 5pm.

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Blast-A-Way is a slow-paced adventure-puzzler set out in a beautiful 3D environment. You control three robot heroes to find and save the lost Boxies. To find them all you will have to use bombs, teleporters, rebuilders, colorizers and portals.

Our goal was to create a more casual game than our previous titles which were mostly sports games. Visually we wanted to create a very stylized environment.

- Illusion Labs

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Demon Decimator is a sliding block puzzler where all the demons have to be burned in lava with all the tools at your disposal. It was inspired by the sliding puzzles in the ice worlds of many games, but I added more complexity like multiple characters and other traps and items. Though I have made many games, this was my first real attempt at a puzzle game, and I liked the outcome. Demon Decimator was made in Flash with an engine called FlashPunk.

- Pixelulsar

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Devil's Attorney is a turn-based strategy game set in the 80's where you play as Max McMann, a defense attorney that's high on charm but low on moral fiber. Your objective is to free all of your clients and use the money you earn to buy accessories and new furniture for your apartment; boosting your ego and unlocking new courtroom skills in the process.

- 1337 Game Design

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The only game better than basketball!

Gasketball is a shot matching basketball game similar to H.O.R.S.E. Challenge your friends online with shots of your own creation. Master over 100 single player levels in 4 unique worlds. Grab a friend and play one-on-one on the same iPad.

- Mikengreg

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Hairy Tales is an puzzle action hybrid which combines tile-dragging mechanics with strategy, where you have to lead the Hairys around a dangerous world to clear the corruption and reach the exit. The challenge comes from being unable to control them directly, and having instead to alter the world around them by dragging tiles to build paths, guide them to power ups, and deal with enemy characters and dangers. It has a gradual learning curve and can be played in casual-sized sittings, but has a high difficulty - including Boss fights.

- Arges Systems Inc.

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We saw great success of Temple series (like Forest Temple and others) and took small part from Lost Vikings and decided to make a game like Temple + Vikings. We added special abilities to our characters, such as boy can slide and pass under low platforms. Story was created in the process of development.

We came up with this art style after some experimentation; we wanted to improve game graphics and we did it. But don’t try to repeat it, or your Flash game will get low FPS!

- Pegas Games

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The inspiration for the game came from wondering what visual effects existed in a modern, 3D game that you might find on an Xbox 360 and had never been seen in a 2D browser game. I hit upon the idea of dynamic shadows, which in 2D also provide a stealth-based game mechanic suitable for building gameplay around. Taking the third dimension away from the concept of light and shadow leaves something much more immediate and easier to process by the brain, similar to how shadow puppetry can make recognisable figures on a 2D screen.

- MarshGames

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Your goal is easy as pie. Using different tools you must help nice but stubborn Snail Bob reach the Exit in each level.

The main character was inspired by Bob Marley’s song so we named him Bob. We've tried to make an easy but funny game that looks like interactive cartoon that everyone can play.

- Hunter Hamster Studio

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Tentacles is the result of numerous prototypes trying to nail the right pacing for this mechanic. During development we tried everything from racing to puzzle, and ended up with this in betweenish thing that works quite well. The odd theme is the product of a GDC hangover and the need to set this game in a surreal place where realism doesn’t matter at all. We figured that we needed a universe where anything would be ok.

- Press Play

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Totem Runner is a game about a brave warrior, who decides to restore the natural beauty of his world before the darkness encompasses everything. He knows he can do it as he is a mighty skin-walker capable of turning into a boar, an eagle and a powerful dragon.

The game was inspired by the beauty of Pandora in Avatar and graphics of 300 movie. At first we aimed to create a simple silhouette-based runner, but as work progressed we put more attention to every detail, so the development took longer than we had anticipated, but the result was worth it.

- Yagoda Productions

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