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Fyber connects app developers and media companies with advertisers through the power of technology. Across every device. We are an independent advertising technology company devoted to delivering global audiences at scale through a powerful cross-platform monetization & advertising solution. Our SSP, Ad Server, Exchange and Mediation products empower thousands of the world’s leading app developers and publishers to generate business-critical revenue streams and serve over half a billion monthly active users globally.




Appodeal is a programmatic ad mediation solution for mobile apps. We increase revenue for publishers by engaging ad networks in real-time auction-based competition for every ad impression.

We have established a marketplace where ad networks compete in real-time against each other for your ad inventory. Publishers increase revenue with our programmatic ad mediation solution, which engages ad networks in auction-based competition for every ad impression.

The platform is a large auction house, accompanied by a mediation layer, that exposes a publisher’s inventory to all available buyers on the market via relationships with every major ad network, RTB exchange, and DSP. Appodeal showcases publisher inventory to the advertiser, and offers the highest rate in real time.

We believe that the mobile ad industry is unfairly built in favor of advertisers. Our mission is to bring the power back to mobile app publishers.




mParticle improves marketing, advertising, and analytics outcomes by connecting data seamlessly across channels. The only customer data platform purpose-built for the multi-screen era, mParticle is used by the growth and retention teams at more of the leading apps than all other customer data platforms combined. With its turnkey data connections, identity-matching and enrichment capabilities, enterprise-grade privacy and security controls, and real-time audience creation and management tool set, mParticle enables companies to harness and act upon their data with greater speed and agility, and higher ROI. Learn more at or follow @mparticles on Twitter.



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Unity Technologies


Unity Technologies is the creator of a flexible and high-performance end-to-end development platform used to create rich interactive 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences. Unity's powerful graphics engine and full-featured editor serve as the foundation to develop beautiful games or apps and easily bring them to multiple platforms from mobile devices to VR headsets, consoles and more. Unity also offers solutions and services for creating games, boosting productivity, and connecting with audiences including Unity Ads, Unity Analytics, Unity Asset Store, Unity Cloud Build, Unity Connect and Unity Certification. For more information, visit:




Reasons to choose G5:

• Earn loads of money! We have paid tens of millions of dollars of royalties to our partners.
• Enjoy a solid partnership! As a Nasdaq-listed Swedish public company, we are a reliable partner.
• Get your game in front of millions of players! Downloads of G5 games have surpassed 220 million.
• Game Support: We have deep understanding of development, monetization and free-to-play mechanics, and we share this knowledge.
• Marketing Support: We provide smartly planned marketing and user acquisition campaigns.
• Localization and QA: We localize each game into 12 languages and provide QA at all stages of the development.




Tapjoy is the only complete monetization platform that combines a robust set of marketing and advertising services in a single data platform. Our mission is to personalize the approach freemium mobile app publishers utilize to engage and monetize their consumers. Tapjoy's SDK is used by 10,000 mobile apps with a global reach of more than 500 million monthly active users.



Showcase of established development studios. Click the down arrow button to learn more and email a developer for a meeting.



YDY CG is an art outsourcing service provider specialized in 2D art production for games. We provide concept art design (character/environment/prop), UI design, CG illustration, matte painting, and storyboard design services.

YDY CG is headquartered in Singapore, with the art studio in Nanjing, China and a business office in Shanghai.


Flying Sheep Studios


Flying Sheep Studios specialises in developing HTML5 games to be played in desktop as well as mobile browsers. Having already developed over 40 cross-platform games for clients, we are now developing an ambitious free-to-play multiplayer game, featuring cutting-edge 3D graphics, never before seen in mobile browsers.




Polish studio Garmory is creator of Petsbury app.



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Pollfish is a monetization network that delivers surveys instead of ads, through mobile apps. Monetizing with surveys is a new interactive way for app publishers to increase their revenue. Integrating the Pollfish SDK in any app takes less than 2 minutes and pays up to 20x more than the traditional ad formats. Pollfish rewarded surveys are the number 1 choice for game app publishers! At the moment, Pollfish runs on more that 320,000,000 mobile devices worldwide.




AppLovin is a leading mobile marketing platform that helps the world's largest brands reach over two billion consumers globally with relevant content. The platform provides marketing automation that allows brands to acquire new consumers on mobile and Apple TV apps. The company has over 100 employees and is headquartered in Palo Alto with offices in San Francisco, New York, Dublin, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, and Berlin.




paysafecard, part of Paysafe Group PLC, is a global leading prepaid online payment solution, is available in 43 countries at over 500,000 sales outlets and can be used in thousands of online shops worldwide.

By using a 16-digit paysafecard PIN, customers can pay quickly, simply and safely online. paysafecard is the perfect solution for customers who value their data security or simply don’t have a credit card. Visit us at table #416.


CDS Global Cloud


CDS Global Cloud is a rapidly expanding international IaaS provider specializing in solutions for all things Cloud. Our IaaS solutions and Global Private Network (GPN) are built to address the complete spectrum of enterprise workloads. CDS is trusted by enterprises everywhere to run mission-critical applications in the cloud. Whatever your needs – Cloud Hosting, Hybrid Hosting, Colocation – we provide industry leading performance and a flexible, scalable level of service at a cost that can’t be matched.




HiPay offers online payment solutions to digital content publishers and e-tailers. Via a single integration, HiPay's clients have access to several payment methods in more than 85 countries: SMS, premium rate numbers, ISP, direct carrier billing, prepaid cards... We daily ensure our clients the best prices, maximum geographical coverage, technical flexibility and guarantees in terms of payouts, within a regulated framework. We are trusted by many digital publishers such as Ankama, Funcom & Wargaming.




Upsight, the world’s largest mobile analytics and marketing automation platform, handles more than 500 billion data points each month for over ten thousand apps worldwide to manage and optimize their mobile businesses. Mobile and social publishers leverage Upsight's comprehensive analytics and marketing platform to better understand user behavior and take action to impact their key business goals. Paired with its managed ad mediation solution, publishers are able to maximize total revenue and LTV on a per user segment from a single SDK.




S.A.D. is a company specialized in retail business for the German speaking territories with over 15 years of experience. Focusing on the needs for successful marketing of casual games, S.A.D. established several own brands like PurpleHills or YellowValley and published more than 800 game titles within the last 10 years. S.A.D. maintains strong relationships with developers and distribution partners all over the world and markets their products in retail.



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BlueStacks is bridging the worlds of mobile, streaming and PC. The company's core product, App Player, has been downloaded over 160MM times on PC/Mac. With over a billion apps launched since 2011, millions of people worldwide use BlueStacks every day to play+stream their favorite mobile games and apps.


Sixth Gear Studios


Sixth Gear Studios is an independent mobile game development studio located in San Francisco and Vietnam specializing in the creation of both internal IP and outsourcing services. We possess a strong track record of developing successful mobile games and can create a team suitable for your exact goals.



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Black Wing Foundation | Eugeny Maleev

We're looking for: - publishers or investors for UE 4 PC/console/VR titles; - work-for-hire for UE4 dev to any platform

send an email to Eugeny Maleev, VP of Business Development of Black Wing Foundation

Stepping Stone Talent | Rumiko Konishi

Meeting with developers, publishers and service providers.

send an email to Rumiko Konishi, Manager - Games Team of Stepping Stone Talent

Nexway | Gaelle De Jong

Leading provider of full-service e-commerce solutions for publishers and online retailers of digital software, video games and services. The company’s white label online stores and carts boost revenue of digital goods.

send an email to Gaelle De Jong, Director of Content Acquisitions of Nexway

Nutaku | David Lalonde

Meeting current customers and perhaps new ones.

send an email to David Lalonde, Development and Social Media Manager, Mainstream of Nutaku

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology | Birgit Reuter

​​Berlin Partner is the economic development agency of the city of Berlin. We support companies which might have expansion plans to Germany/Berlin.

send an email to Birgit Reuter, Project Manager Media of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

Capstone - Beyond Limits | Wouter Go

​​Capstone - Beyond Limits is a specialized Game Industry Consulting Company.
We offer services in:
- Business Development
- Game Consulting
- Opening a Dutch Office
- International Recruitment

send an email to Wouter Go, Managing Partner of Capstone - Beyond Limits

Nintendo of Europe GmbH | Tim Symons

We are interested to meet talented game developers that would like to discuss their projects as potential Nintendo funded & published titles.

send an email to Tim Symons, Product Development Manager of Nintendo of Europe GmbH

Kuju Entertainment | Gary Bracey

I'd like to meet attendees to further relationships.

send an email to Gary Bracey, Commercial Director of Kuju Entertainment

Dazzle Interactive (China Telecom eGame) | Rachel Sun

Dazzle Interactive is the exclusive game-publishing and gaming-operating subsidiary of China Telecom. We offer full service package for publishing and operating mobile games in China.

send an email to Rachel Sun, Chief Representative, Int'l Business Development of Dazzle Interactive (China Telecom eGame)

PLAYTOUCH | Stephane Herve

​​With over 200 games and counting, Playtouch is the most innovative and trusted html5 games studio (Business models : B2C / B2B / B2B2C)

send an email to Stephane Herve, CEO of PLAYTOUCH

Gamblit Gaming | Nathan Ting

​​Gamblit Gaming is a games publisher and developer that's bringing the excitement of video games to casinos through in-house development and 3rd party game studio partne​​r​s​.

send an email to Nathan Ting, Business Development Associate of Gamblit Gaming

Travian Games GmbH | Nina-Katrin Rapp

I would like business dev. meetings.

send an email to Nina-Katrin Rapp, Business Development of Travian Games GmbH

FRAG Games Private Limited | Rehman Rafiq

FRAG is a full-service 3D game development studio working on original titles and work for hire. We provide art, engineering and game/economy design services.

send an email to Rehman Rafiq, COO of FRAG Games Private Limited

Cheetah Ad Platform | Jean Marc Alomassor

Cheetah Mobile, 3rd largest app developer in the world with a half billion monthly active users. Our premium source of traffic is available for User Acquisition.

send an email to Jean Marc Alomassor, Sr. Sales Manger of Cheetah Ad Platform

Action Games Lab S.A. | Wojciech Lisicki

Passion for innovation.

send an email to Wojciech Lisicki, Vice President of Action Games Lab S.A.

Appnext | Jonathan Raveh

Appnext is a leading monetization and app distribution platform, exclusively dedicated to building great mobile businesses by promoting apps.

send an email to Jonathan Raveh, Director of Partnerships & Community of Appnext

Appnext | Alona Korenfeld

Appnext is a leading monetization and app distribution platform, exclusively dedicated to building great mobile businesses by promoting apps.

send an email to Alona Korenfeld, Senior Business Development Manager of Appnext

Appnext | Emma Raz

Appnext is a leading monetization and app distribution platform, exclusively dedicated to building great mobile businesses by promoting apps.

send an email to Emma Raz, Manager, User Acquisition Sales of Appnext

KSP | Natascha Diederichs

​​KSP is a law office, based in Hamburg. We are specialized in debt collection of account receivables (B2C-/ B2B-Claims) and operate international.

send an email to Natascha Diederichs, Manager Business Development Gaming of KSP

WiMi5 | Raul Otaolea

WiMi5 is an online game framework to create, publish and monetize html5 games from any browser. In brief, we are the Wordpress of video games.

send an email to Raul Otaolea, CEO of WiMi5

InnoGames GmbH | Tobias Edl

I would like to connect with tv stations, online portals and mobile traffic sources.

send an email to Tobias Edl, Lead Business Development of InnoGames GmbH

glispa Israel | Jonathan Mamou

Looking to meet App Developers and present our cutting edge User Acquisition and Monetization solutions.

send an email to Jonathan Mamou, Senior Business Development Manager of glispa Israel

Coolplay Co.,LTD. | Hsing-Ling Tsai

​​Coolplay is a mobile game developer and publisher based in Taiwan. We aim to bring players an extraordinary game experience with high quality production.

send an email to Hsing-Ling Tsai, Director - Oversea Marketing of Coolplay Co.,LTD.

.MUM. Maxem Unternehmens- und Medienberatung UG (haftungsbeschränkt) | Karsten Maxem

​​Monetization optimization guidance, marketing & BizDev incl. budget, localization and community management in 30+ languages, 40+ team providing QA for games and software, administrative services. “We do the paperwork for you, you work on your game!”

send an email to Karsten Maxem, CEO of .MUM. Maxem Unternehmens- und Medienberatung UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Stryking Entertainment GmbH | Dirk Weyel

We create an exciting entertainment experience for all football fans with real data and the chance to compete with friends and win cool prizes.

send an email to Dirk Weyel, Founder & CEO of Stryking Entertainment GmbH

Kochava | Chris Blair

​​Kochava offers a unique, holistic and unbiased approach to mobile attribution analytics and optimization. Kochava provides real-time visualization of conversion, post-install events and LTV reporting.

send an email to Chris Blair, Business Development Manager of Kochava

A4G | Kaoutar Bellamine

​​A4G serves 5 billion impressions globally with 350 million unique visitors per month. We work with 1500+ direct publishers that can bring you great quality traffic to your games and other verticals.

send an email to Kaoutar Bellamine, Account Manager of A4G

Adrian Crook + Associates | Adrian Crook

Helping clients since 2008, AC+A works primarily in Design Leadership, Game Development and Design Audits.

send an email to Adrian Crook, Managing Director of Adrian Crook + Associates

Ziango | Dennis Maas

Ziango develops casual HTML5-games to retain and monetize your users across ALL device types. With Flash fading, we have the solution for your web-based games business.

send an email to Dennis Maas, Co-Founder of Ziango

Local Heroes/Big Fat Games Translations | Richard van der Giessen

Looking for publishers/developers/distributors that want to conquer the world & need a top class localization partner to help.

send an email to Richard van der Giessen, CEO of Local Heroes/Big Fat Games Translations

INTENIUM GmbH | Alla Khramtsova

I'm looking for cross-platform/mobile games for publishing as well as strong distribution partners worldwide.

send an email to Alla Khramtsova, VP Business Development of INTENIUM GmbH | Yugo Kitamura

I'd like to see developers or publishers that have the will to work with one of the best Japanese Developers/Publishers.

send an email to Yugo Kitamura, Business Development of

App Annie | Martje Abeldt

I would like to meet customers and prospects.

send an email to Martje Abeldt, Territory Director, Central Europe & Russia/CIS of App Annie

PlayFab | Mark Val

We would like to meet developers & publishers who need a FREE live game operations platform that provides online services & tools.

send an email to Mark Val, GM Europe of PlayFab

Adrian Crook + Associates | Dana Gheza

With over 90 clients including many of the leading mobile and social game companies we are mobile game design consultants.

send an email to Dana Gheza, Design Associate of Adrian Crook + Associates

Adrian Crook + Associates | Mihai Gheza

With over 90 clients including many of the leading mobile and social game companies we are mobile game design consultants.

send an email to Mihai Gheza, Design Associate of Adrian Crook + Associates

eCPI Media | Igor Zavaruev

Effective and efficient mobile marketing. We specialize in App installs via Display, Search and Network traffic all over the world.

send an email to Igor Zavaruev, CEO of eCPI Media

Plexonic / SALTR | Gevorg Sargsyan

We would like to meet up with publishers to show off some awesome games.

send an email to Gevorg Sargsyan, CEO & Founder of Plexonic / SALTR

Self Employed | Elena Kutsopal

I would like to meet up with mobile advertisers.

send an email to Elena Kutsopal, Mobile Specialist

Buongiorno France | Benjamin Cavailless

I would like to meet up with mobile advertisers.

send an email to Benjamin Cavailless, Content Manager of Buongiorno France

Interactive Digital Media | Alexander Nikolov

Interactive Digital Media operate with impressive catalogue of entertainment digital content. Looking to meet partners.

send an email to Alexander Nikolov, COO of Interactive Digital Media

InternetQ / minimob | Mario Pumm Bravo

I would enjoy a conversation about the app marketing space. Interested also in App publishers for UA(own inventory)and monetization.

send an email to Mario Pumm Bravo, Director of Sales of InternetQ / minimob

GameBuilt | Luciano Broussal

Medias, Telco , TV, Brands , Big Game studios looking for channel of growth

send an email to Luciano Broussal, Founder of GameBuilt

Kochava | Tan Tmangraksat

Kochava offers a unique, holistic and unbiased approach to mobile attribution analytics and optimization.

send an email to Tan Tmangraksat, VP, Audience Monetization of Kochava

Instreamatic LLC | Daria Tryashina

Global ad serving platform for audio advertisement. We found a way for game publishers and developers to earn more money with less churn.

send an email to Daria Tryashina, Business Development of Instreamatic LLC

Launchify | AK Sands

send an email to AK Sands, CEO of Launchify

AdSkill Ltd | Daria Zelenovskaia

send an email to Daria Zelenovskaia, International Business Development Manager of AdSkill Ltd

Nanobit | Tomislav Gojevic

send an email to Tomislav Gojevic, Business Development Manager of Nanobit

Thirdpresence | Valtteri Pukander

send an email to Valtteri Pukander, Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer of Thirdpresence

Sparkle Apps | Paul Reilly

send an email to Paul Reilly, Founder of Sparkle Apps

PJSC Rostelecom | Alexey Sadonov

Matching the creativity of the games industry with new media innovation and investment.

send an email to Alexey Sadonov, Project Director of PJSC Rostelecom

Trimecore | Roman Rudziejewski

Matching the creativity of the games industry with new media innovation and investment.

send an email to Roman Rudziejewski, CEO of Trimecore | Nikolai Veselov is one of the premier free online gaming sites.

send an email to Nikolai Veselov, CEO of

Zeoalliance | Sergii Potapov

I'm looking for slot games producers for consultancy, temporary work or any other cooperation options.

send an email to Sergii Potapov, Head of Business Development of Zeoalliance

CI Games S.A. | Marek Tyminski

Im intrested in monetization, product creation, soft launches.

send an email to Marek Tyminski, CEO of CI Games S.A.

Wargaming Group Limited | Andrey Zimenko

WG Labs is interested in publishing deals with game developers on Mobile/PC/Console platforms.

send an email to Andrey Zimenko, Publishing Product Director of Wargaming Group Limited